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Gender Respect Pupil Conference

We filmed the Gender Respect Pupil Conference, an event run by DECSY’s as part of their Gender Respect Education Project, where young people from the project schools were brought together for a day of awareness raising and developing actions and sharing them.

The three year (2013-2016) Gender Respect Education Project aims to help children and young people to understand, question and challenge gender inequality and violence in a local-global context.

DECSY’s are bringing together teachers of pupils aged 4-14 along with creative practitioners and young people to develop engaging, participatory and creative curriculum activities and materials which meet the following learning outcomes:

Children and young people will:
• Question gender stereotyping (including engaging boys as well as girls)
• Understand global and historical contexts of gender relations
• Explore issues of power, freedom and human rights in the context of gender
• Feel empowered to take action (especially through the use of social media)

These curriculum materials will be disseminated widely through CPD / INSET
and websites.

Project partners include Chilypep, Sheffield One Billion Rising and VIDA.


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