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E.D.E.N Film Productions is planning a new filmmaking project for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community and you can register your interest in taking part now. With a planned start for the end of the summer 2016, the project would provide camera, sound and film editing training in workshops held free of charge in Sheffield. Participants would learn and develop filmmaking skills whilst working on films that, once finished, that would be entered into the new Sheffield-based transgender film festival Transforming Cinema.

Transforming Cinema is an E.D.E.N project that aims to create a trans focused film festival giving transgender and gender nonconforming people a platform to broadcast their voices and stories. We want you to be part of it but we need to know that the interest is there in order to plan it – so register your interest today!

Register your interest by *clicking here* and like *Transforming Cinema on Facebook* for the latest news.



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