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Thomas Reaney joins the board!

We are delighted to announce that Thomas Reaney is our new Chair on the board of directors. We are so excited to welcome him to our team!

“I’ve been a massive fan and supporter of E.D.E.N Film Productions since 2014. I eagerly followed the progress of the E.D.E.N Incubator project which produced the fantastic film ‘Families Like Ours’ (which made me cry with pride when it debuted at the Odeon Cinema in late 2014! “That’s my city!”, “They’re my people!”, “That’s my story!” And so on.)

E.D.E.N have created some fantastic projects in and around Sheffield, and the films they produce are always creative, honest and reflective of the communities they involve, at every stage. I am proud to join this amazing team and I’m super excited for the future!” – Thomas.

Read more here: Thomas Reaney

We also want to say a massive thank you to our previous Chair Bella Qvist who resigned in December 2017. Bella was an absolute star whose determination, dedication and motivation for E.D.E.N was inspiring. Thank you for all your work with our projects, awareness raising and our film festival Transforming Cinema.


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