Our Events

Since 2013 we have hosted a variety of screening events. In 2016 we launched Transforming Cinema, a film festival championing transgender, gender nonconforming, non-binary and genderqueer voices.

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What people who have attended our events say

  • “The events were amazing! They were well organised. They had interesting people leading them and showing their work. The panel discussions were very insightful and I was impressed by the openness and honesty of the speakers. Same with the Q & A sessions.”

  • “Everything was amazing – unlike anything I’ve been involved with before.”

  • “I’ve gone from knowing virtually nothing at all about transgender issues to having an understanding of what it means to be transgender.”

  • “I’m really happy that this film exists, with trans people having major input into it.”

  • “It was great to see trans people represented on film and telling their own stories rather than being sensationalised as often happens in the media.”

  • “The experience of the event and film were brilliant. There is definitely a call for more films like this as the cinema was packed!”


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