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Meet the Creatures

We believe in Equality and Diversity to Educate and Nurture – so much so that we’ve even made these words, which make up our name, into little characters.

EDEN Film Productions - boom - equality

Equality – Boom poles are used for audio recording and it is important that audio levels are balanced and at the correct level. That is why our boom pole gets to symbolise how we tackle discrimination in society; by striving for balance and equality at all times.

EDEN Film Productions -lens - diversity

Diversity – Camera lenses come in all shapes and sizes and they have a variety of purposes. Our camera lens promotes and believes in the strength of diversity everywhere and she ensures that it forever remains one of our core aims.

EDEN Film Productions - clapper - educate

Educate – Clapperboards are used on film sets to educate directors, actors and editors about scenes, locations and shots. Our clapperboard helps us on our journey to educate others, be they students taking our classes or an audience watching our films; education is key to our success.

EDEN Film Productions - reel - nurture

Nurture – Film editing takes a lot of time, concentration and patience. Our editing reel ensures that we nurture our students, volunteers, employees and films so that we can continue to share powerful stories, raising vital awareness about Equality and Diversity around the world.

HLC logoE.D.E.N Action! is a Humber Learning Consortium-funded project for unemployed members of the LGBT community in and around Sheffield, aimed at developing filmmaking skills and employability skills. The project empowered participants with the abilities of storytelling and filmmaking whilst educating members of the public about LGBT diversity through the films that the participants produced.

As part of this very successful project the group chose to create three short films; one of which documents a live debate discussing the need for a “gay scene”. The second participant-made film deals with the myths that surround bisexuality and the third is a volunteer-made film documenting the process of making these two films.

Byephobia-poster-EDEN Film Productions Byephobia poster
EDEN Revealed - EDEN Film Productions Click to play
Byephobia - EDEN Film Productions Click to play
Do we really need a gay scene - EDEN Film Productions Click to play
Testimonials from participants and volunteers on E.D.E.N Action!

"Having been a volunteer for the EDEN Action! Project, I have seen first hand the level of dedication and commitment that goes on at E.D.E.N Film Productions. Managing Director Claire Watkinson consistently puts 100% into every project, every task and every person and it's been an absolute pleasure to work alongside her.

I can't recommend a company more committed to equality, understanding and change for the better."


“E.D.E.N Film Productions have given me great experiences working professionally with very talented film makers. The films they make are very informative and interesting and have taught me lots about the Sheffield Community.”



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