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Meet the Creatures

We believe in Equality and Diversity to Educate and Nurture – so much so that we’ve even made these words, which make up our name, into little characters.

EDEN Film Productions - boom - equality

Equality – Boom poles are used for audio recording and it is important that audio levels are balanced and at the correct level. That is why our boom pole gets to symbolise how we tackle discrimination in society; by striving for balance and equality at all times.

EDEN Film Productions -lens - diversity

Diversity – Camera lenses come in all shapes and sizes and they have a variety of purposes. Our camera lens promotes and believes in the strength of diversity everywhere and she ensures that it forever remains one of our core aims.

EDEN Film Productions - clapper - educate

Educate – Clapperboards are used on film sets to educate directors, actors and editors about scenes, locations and shots. Our clapperboard helps us on our journey to educate others, be they students taking our classes or an audience watching our films; education is key to our success.

EDEN Film Productions - reel - nurture

Nurture – Film editing takes a lot of time, concentration and patience. Our editing reel ensures that we nurture our students, volunteers, employees and films so that we can continue to share powerful stories, raising vital awareness about Equality and Diversity around the world.

We were part of the OUR Broomhall heritage project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund from July 2013 to April 2015. We worked on the project training and mentoring volunteers in filmmaking and editing skills for the oral history part of the project as well as running digital media sessions with local young people. We have provided filmmaking support throughout the course of the project. Check out the OUR Broomhall website for more information.


“Claire Watkinson from E.D.E.N Film Productions was our main choice when we put out a tender for a film company to train and support our digital media project volunteers. Our community heritage project was for 2 years, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, and aimed to capture the history of the Broomhall area of Sheffield. This involved carrying out oral history interviews on film and audio. Claire trained volunteers in how to use the camera and how to edit them into a finished film. She mentored many of our volunteers and supported them throughout the process of film production. Claire was very good with the technicalities as well as knowing creatively what we were aiming for in our storytelling. She was also very good at working with people which is invaluable in a community setting. We definitely chose the right person for the job! Claire is one of the most professional and thorough people I have ever worked with. She is very committed to everything she does so you can be sure she will be an invaluable asset to your project.”

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